“The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a suite of cloud services hosted on Google’s infrastructure.”

Google initially launched Google App Engine framework for hosting web applications back in 2008. Gradually they have grown into one of the premier cloud computing platforms competing with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) currently dominates the market from computing and storage to data analytics, machine learning, and networking.

Google Cloud Platform products span is growing every single day and they are used by hundreds of developers, data-scientists and researchers. Let’s list down a few of them.

1. Artificial intelligence…

FF-91 unveiling at CES 2017

Faraday Future has made a quite a buzz for weeks since CES 2017. Everyone’s been talking about Faraday Future prototype FF91’s crazy spec.

Even Faraday Future have a say on this. They have mentioned that FF91 claimed to be the “quickest production car in the world.” This is proved in a head-to-head acceleration trial with a Tesla’s flagship Model S P100D.

0–60 — Tesla Model S P100D — 2.5 seconds

0–60 —Faraday Future FF91— 2.39 seconds

Well, It seems like Elon Musk didn’t take months to come up with a car to beat the 0–60 record. Oh yeah Tesla has…

I was looking for a way to monitor my VPS for a while as my hosting provider(DigitalOcean) only lets me check the bandwidth details in a graph form which is not cool :(

I found this this neat command-line tool called vnStat.

Assuming you have an Ubuntu server you could configure this awesome tool in a jiffy

  1. SSH in to your server and type
sudo apt-get install vnstat
  1. Configure vnstat (assuming you have eth0 network interface) using type
sudo vnstat -u -i eth

to check your stat type

vnstat -i eth0 

enjoy :)


(sample output — screenshot )

Source : DigitalOcean Community

I recently bought a DigitalOcean VPS with Ubuntu 15.10.

What should I do after spinning up a new VPS? I had this question in my mind after purchasing the VPS so I’m just gonna list a few things what I did :D

Once you purchase the VPS first thing you need to do is getting the access to SSH. Getting the SSH is like having the master key to all the doors in a house.

Make sure all of the repositories are up to date, type the following code in terminal ( Xshell or CMD for Windows)

apt-get update 


It was my first time using Microsoft Azure servers for hosting a WordPress project. I’m familiar with Apache and Nginx servers. Azure was new to me but didn’t take me days to get the hang of it. Thanks to Azure’s GUI which is so easier to understand, no commandline at all. I used WordPress as Platform as a service (PaaS) in Azure.. There are alternatives in Azure too (Eg:. using the VM, Wordpress Stack [CentOS], Scalable WordPress)

In PasS it is just matter of clicking to create a WordPress app. …

Got some time to kill during the weekend and ended up finishing up with this small EP — molecul5 (molecule) just came with this name, related to general chemistry which describes about the electrically neutral group of two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds nothing fancy about the name.. maybe its because that the chemistry was my favorite subject then when I was schooling :P

The EP consists of the KYGO’s Global Hit “Firestone’’ which is also one of my favourite summer jam, hope you like it :D

Having a contact form in a website is a must. When you are developing a contact form from your own functions you may most likely end up receiving special HTML characters for the email body section. Just for your information I’m using WordPress and my own PHP function to create a contact form and I’m getting these special HTML characters.

URLs contain characters outside the ASCII set need to be converted into a valid ASCII format. URL encoding replaces unsafe ASCII characters with a “%” followed by hexadecimal digits.

This is what I did to convert those URL encoded values…

Every developer needs to test their emails status for both receiving and sending in local machine before it goes to a live environment. Here is what I found mighty MailCatcher which will make our lives much easier :)

No fancy words..

Here I’m using Vagrant box as my local machine and MailCather as my SMTP server. MailCatcher simulates sending and receiving an email, catches the emails and finally lets you see the email which only exists on your local machine.. How cool is that? :)

How to install MailCatcher in you local machine (Make sure you have Ruby installed in…

Volume Summer Party at Pinecrest Resort over the weekend was super rad that I still can’t get over the memories running around. This may be the summer and BBQ party happened in the highest altitude in the area on that day. The location was surrounded by a mountain range making a beautiful scenery, everyone had a fabulous time.

A picturesque view

Pic credits : Thilini Meegama

Some fun moments shared by Volume on Twitter


You can also check the story I created with some fun moments using Google Photo :D

Good news for all the Instagrammers out there. Instagram lets you post full-size landscape and portrait photos now. I believe most of us are deleting those third-party apps right now(I just did :D) which they used to crop the images to get the standard size to instagram.

Instagram just cracked this news on their official Twitter channel

It will be available to both iOS and Android users today. Enjoy :)

Kashif Ahamed

Technical Consultant/Project Manager and an occasional Blogger from the tropical island, Sri Lanka 🏝

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